The Jack Russell Software Innovation Center was founded by Tabula Rasa HealthCare to develop technology that solves real healthcare problems while providing leading-edge value to software innovation.

Mission Statement

The Jack Russell Software Innovation Center (JRS IC) provides technology leadership, creativity and training to Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC) and the healthcare community. JRS IC works collaboratively with the TRHC Education, Research and Scientific Group to support progressive science and technology solutions.


The JRS IC provides programs and events to engage and collaborate with highly trained professionals in the field of software development, while creating a culture that continuously innovates.


Multi-day events that gather programmers and others involved in software development together to showcase their creative talents in a competitive forum.


Events to help create an innovative community experience centered around healthcare science and technology.

Coding School

The JRS Coding School was established in 2016 to help bridge a gap between development talent available in the marketplace and the needed talent expertise in the market.

Upon graduating from this 12-week immersive Coding School Boot Camp, successful students will be proficient at a junior professional level and able to build full-stack web applications using JavaScript.

Tom Wilson JRS IC Coding School

Providing technology leadership, creativity and training to TRHC and the healthcare community.

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