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An immersive 12-week coding boot camp

Are you considering a new career in software development? JRS Coding School invites you to turn your creative thinking into productive coding. 


About JRS Coding School

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, it has fostered an insatiable demand for leading-edge technology business products and the professionals who develop them. The JRS Coding School was established in 2016 to help bridge the gap between the demand for development expertise and the talent available in the marketplace.

Upon graduating from this 12-week immersive “boot-camp”program, successful students will be proficient at a junior professional level, able to build full-stack web applications using JavaScript. Students are also introduced to agile workflow, communication, and software lifecycle training to prepare them for working in a dynamic professional software development setting.

Why Javascript?

JavaScript has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past few years, both in its utility as a technology and its value as a skill in the job market. JavaScript has long been the only programming language that can be run natively in a web browser.

JavaScript is now being used to program everything from servers to mobile devices to microcontrollers. In their most recent reports, both GitHub and RedMonk rank JavaScript as the world’s most popular programming language. Burning Glass Technologies lists JavaScript as the web development skill with the highest demand in the job market.

How to Apply

JRS Coding School’s JavaScript course is offered three times a year: in January, May, and September.

The admissions procedure for the JRS Coding School consists of five steps:

  1. Contact JRS Coding School to request more information.
  2. Submit an application for review by JRS Coding School Instructors.
  3. Complete a phone interview with a JRS staff person. The phone interview is an opportunity for applicants to share information about their background and ask questions about the program.
  4. Complete the pre-admissions work challenge. Applicants must complete these assignments, which introduce topics covered in Coding School. Completion ensures a baseline level of knowledge in each class and is mandatory.
  5. Complete a Skype video interview with JRS staff. This interview focuses on logic questions and the pre-admission work completed.
  6. Receive confirmation of admission to the program. Once an applicant has successfully completed the four steps above and is accepted to the JRS Coding School, he or she will receive a confirmation of admission.

Coding School Tuition

Tuition for the JRS Coding School is $10,000.

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Coding School Faculty

JRS Coding School instructors have more than 40 years of combined professional software and development experience, including 30 years of training software development talent. JRS Coding School is led by Tom Wilson, executive vice president and chief technology innovator for Tabula Rasa HealthCare, parent company of JRS. Wilson has extensive experience in building and leading teams in the development of large-scale and complex healthcare web applications. He is active within the Charleston software development community, is a member of the Charleston Digital Corridor, and heads the Charleston CoderDojo, which teaches code to children. Wilson chairs the Charleston JS Meetup Group and is an instructor and lead advisor at Charleston Code Camp. He believes coding is a valuable skill, whether one plans to use it professionally or to gain an understanding of the technical world. Recently, he participated at the Syntax Code & Craft Convention, exploring Functional Reactive Programming with Rx.JS/CycleJS.

Joining Wilson as an instructor is Trip Ottinger, who has more than 20 years of experience in the design, implementation, and consultation of custom business software solutions spanning multiple industries. Ottinger is a frequent presenter and guest speaker at technical conferences around the country as well as in classrooms and in e-learning formats. Earlier in his career, Ottinger was awarded the branded SQL Server presentation series within Microsoft’s Rocky Mountain District in Denver, CO.

JRS Coding School Course Syllabus

JRS Coding School
Tom Wilson
Founder and Lead Instructor Tom Wilson
Trip Ottinger
JRS Coding School Instructor Trip Ottinger

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