A Day in the Life of JRS Coding School Students

A Day in the Life of JRS Coding School Students

What does a typical day as a coding school student look like? If you’re considering coding school or have already made the decision to apply, you may have wondered how such an intensive program would fit into your life. To get an insider’s perspective, we asked three students to give us a rundown of their daily routines while enrolled in the JRS Coding School.

Does learning to code continue outside of the classroom? How much work can you expect to bring home with you? Keep reading to to find out more about what a day in the life of an actual coding school student looks like.

Cameron Monaghan

For Cameron Monaghan, a typical day begins at 7:30 am when he wakes up and makes breakfast for himself and his family. He’s usually out the door and at JRS Coding School by 9:00 a.m. Sometimes he goes a bit earlier to chat with the instructors and other students. “Both instructors are always there earlier,” said Monaghan. “It’s nice to get over there and talk with people.”

Monaghan continues, “I’ll jump on the computer, start getting my head in gear, navigate around the web a bit.” Class starts promptly at 9:00 a.m. The morning usually consists of a mix of exercises and lessons. “They’ve really mixed it around, so we’re not doing the same thing everyday, which is nice,” says Monaghan.

Once noon rolls around Monaghan, who lives nearby, heads home for lunch with his family. “It’s nice, I’m able to jump out real quick and come back and relax and just come back all refreshed,” he says. After lunch, “we jump back in on something, or we’ll have someone come around from the field or from the industry.” If a networking event isn’t taking place that day, “maybe we’re doing a bunch of little exercises or pair-programming, or working on a large group thing.” Every day looks a little bit different at JRS Coding School.

“I’d say we’re always there until about 5:00 pm, and talking and communicating and working right up to the minute,” says Monaghan. After that, there is some time to review before everyone heads home. Monaghan says he tries not to leave until he’s gotten whatever problem he’s working on figured out. “We don’t have specific homework stuff,” he says. Students are encouraged to review things at home, but it’s also important to take time off and recharge before another full day.

“They’ve really mixed it around, so we’re not doing the same thing everyday, which is nice.” – Cameron Monaghan.

Kendra Davis

According to Kendra Davis, “there’s usually a combination of teaching and exercises” in the the morning. This is something Davis enjoys about her days at JRS Coding School. “ I think what I really enjoy about Tom’s teaching style is that he teaches several things at once,” says Davis. Instead of learning just one thing, “we’re learning that one thing, but we’re also learning another aspect of maybe how programmers communicate in the real world,” she says. “Or we might work in a group, much like we would in a real-life scenario in a company.”

This combination of lecturing and hands-on experience is something Davis values about the way JRS Coding School is structured. This takes on various forms depending on the day. “Sometimes there’s more one-on-one work and sometimes there’s more lecture,” said Davis.

After returning home for the day, Davis says she likes to take a break and have dinner before looking over the materials from class. “In the evenings I definitely try to look over some of what we learned,” says Davis. This time is often used to “review or maybe research a topic that got brought up during the day that I didn’t know much about.”

Matt Theodore

Matt Theodore is quick to say that there is no such thing as a typical day at JRS Coding School. As a father of three-year-old twins, Theodore’s day usually starts at 5:30 a.m. when he helps his wife get the kids ready for their day. Once he arrives at JRS Coding School, Theodore usually uses the first thirty minutes to review concepts he didn’t quite understand the day before.

Although no two days are the same, Theodore says he especially enjoys working with partners. “Last week, we worked with Spotify and IMDB on APIs.” The goal was to create a Spotify player that somebody else could use. “That was probably our most fun day, just working in a group environment,” says Theodore.

In addition to attending JRS Coding School, Theodore also works part-time and coaches his son’s soccer team. “I’m 36 now, so I still have certain responsibilities,” he says. He tries to get home at a reasonable time after class to put his kids to sleep. “I try to spend about an hour to just really review what we went over.” He mentions that there isn’t much homework involved in the program. “They generally do a great job of getting what we need to know and all the work we need to do within that seven to eight hour window we are allotted from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,” says Theodore. “It’s really how much effort you want to put into it.”

It’s easy to see that a typical day in coding school varies greatly. Although the hours are consistent on a daily basis, what’ll you’ll be doing and learning depends on where you’re at in the course. A mix of lectures, applied learning, group work, and networking events, this program will definitely keep you on your toes. People with different backgrounds and lifestyles take part in the course successfully. Dedication and commitment are vital to getting the most out of coding school, but work-life balance is also key to staying on track and motivated throughout the process.

Are you ready to take on a new and rewarding career? JRS Coding School is now accepting applications for its next Full-Stack Javascript course. Contact us to learn more, or download our course syllabus below. 

JRS Coding School Course Syllabus