Prepping for Coding School: 5 Free Exercises You Can Do Right Now

Prepping for Coding School: 5 Free Exercises You Can Do Right Now

You’ve heard it before, and we’ll say it again: practice makes perfect. And web development is certainly no exception. So before you kick off your semester at coding school, we’ve rounded up our top five recommendations for free online exercises and tutorials to ensure that your C is # and your HTML friendly on your first day.


JavaScript is one of the most dynamic, intricate and IMPORTANT languages that make up the World Wide Web as we know it. To get that JavaScript to really shine, check out, which is an online kit created to help budding developers perfect their code. It starts with the basics and takes you through a series of exercises designed to prep you for the more challenging side of JavaScript. In fact, JRS specifically utilizes this site to share practice lessons for both current and prospective students.

Languages Covered: JavaScript


This site ranked high when polling fellow web devs. It gives you the building blocks you need to get comfortable with some of the most popular coding languages, techniques, and concepts. With more than 100 courses to choose from, Codeacademy also features a wide variety of corresponding exercises that allow you to test your chops at a beginner level. Beyond that, you’ll find additional features like sections on APIs and Web Projects, which help to bring the whole experience full circle.

Languages Covered: Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails

Newly launched by Code School, this site has quickly become a favorite in the developer community, as it aims to engage both aspiring and advanced coders alike. Check out their JavaScript Road Trip course, tailor-made for coders who are yearning to take their skills out for a test drive, but haven’t quite yet mastered the basics of JavaScript syntax. You’ll also find features that allow you to stay current on the latest and greatest libraries, frameworks, and more. (Trust us, you’ll come back to this one long after coding school.)

Languages Covered: JavaScript, jQuery

Who says coding has to be all work and no play? is just downright fun. It’s a hot spot for budding developers to get inspired, collaborate, and test their code. Built with eight different real-time views for “pens” (sets of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), this site aims to create a fun way to learn coding with a variety of preprocessor syntaxes like Sass, Slim, Jade, and more. And when you’re finished, save what you’ve built or explore featured pens created by coders like yourself.

Languages Covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript

With 21 chapters chock-full of tips, tricks, and trades to help you master the art of JavaScript, this online book is well worth the read. Author and creator of CodeMirror Marijn Haverbeke walks through several projects in full scope in efforts to teach readers the more elegant side of JavaScript. Download source code from the chapters and play with your own variations in the ever-popular code sandbox he includes. We recommend using this resource alongside other web applications you might be trying your hand at as well.

Languages Covered: JavaScript

The resources out there for coders are plentiful, and that’s the beauty of this profession. No matter which web application you chose, there – more likely than not – is an online community of seasoned developers ready to help you move past “segmentation faults” and “invalid authentications”. Once you nail down the basics with these free tutorials, coding school will allow you take your skills to the next level – the professional level – where you’ll feel confident enough to start coding websites, games, and mobile apps in the seat.  

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