5 Questions to Ask before Choosing a Coding School

5 Questions to Ask before Choosing a Coding School

The decision to attend a full-time coding school is usually not made overnight. The decision can take months, especially for people who are changing careers. For others who know that they want to code, especially those who already have a background in software development or engineering, the choice is easier. Whatever the reason for considering coding school, it is a major decision. Let’s consider some of the important questions you should ask before making your final decision and applying to a coding school.

1. Are you a licensed school? What will I receive upon completion of the program?
When looking into coding schools it’s important to find out if the school is licensed to operate in the state in which it is located and to ask what you will receive upon completion of the program. State licensing ensures that a school meets minimum standards and is operating legally. JRS Coding School is a licensed post-secondary institution in the state of South Carolina. After going through our 12-week boot-camp style coding program, students receive a certificate of completion.

2. What language will I learn?
There are many coding languages, but JavaScript is one of the most widely used and attractive languages right now. The demand for JavaScript developers continues to increase due to advancements in technology. At JRS Coding School, we want our students to focus on adopting one programming language and to learn how to apply this language throughout an entire application. Throughout our course, we teach our students the most relevant tools in the industry and prepare them to be successful in the field.

3. Who are the instructors, and what are their backgrounds?
Having talented, qualified instructors to assist you throughout the course is an important factor to consider when choosing a program. The instructors at JRS have extensive backgrounds in coding and software development, not only as teachers, but also as professional software developers. Tom Wilson, the founder and head instructor of JRS Coding School, has a diverse background as a software developer and entrepreneur. He is experienced in leading teams in the development of large-scale, complex healthcare web applications. Tom teaches adults, and he also teaches coding classes for children. Lead instructor Trip Ottinger has also held multiple roles in software development and worked in various industries before he moved into teaching. Tom and Trip’s combined experience allows JRS to stay current with industry advancements and teach our students relevant information they will use when they enter their careers.

4. What independent work is required before beginning the course?
Most schools require pre-course work before beginning the program, so it’s important to allow yourself enough time to complete these assignments. When researching school options, be sure to ask what prerequisites must be fulfilled during the application process. At JRS Coding School, our students are required to complete pre-admissions work that introduces topics to be covered during the program and ensures a basic level of knowledge. To make this process seamless for our applicants, we hold pre-course workshops to help students complete the assignment.

5. What equipment, computers and browsers are required for taking the course?
You can set yourself up for success in coding school by having the correct equipment for the course. At JRS Coding School, students are required to have a laptop that is up-to-date on all of its software and its operating system. Mac, Windows, or Linux is fine, however our instructors use Macs and are able to provide better technical support for Macs. It is especially important to find out technology requirements for online coding schools because a dual-screen is often needed for students logging in remotely. High-speed internet is also a must to keep up with the instruction and complete exercises.

The decision to change your career or education path by entering a coding school can be overwhelming. We know there are many factors to take into consideration. To have more of your questions answered, feel free to contact us at