From Charleston to Colorado: How One JRS Student Made Distance Learning Work

From Charleston to Colorado: How One JRS Student Made Distance Learning Work

At JRS Coding School we strive to create an environment for all students that is conducive to learning. Sometimes that requires us to think beyond the traditional classroom setting — and teach beyond our physical location. This summer, we had our first remote student, Brett Goers, a past University of Colorado student, “attend” our classes from the comfort of his home in Colorado.  We recently spoke to him about his experience as a remote student in JRS Coding School’s JavaScript program.


Is this a career change for you or did you always want to go into coding?

I went to school for electrical engineering and computer science, but soon realized that I wasn’t satisfied with the pace of how I was learning, and I wanted something different. From my studies in electrical engineering, I realized I loved the programming side of things. That’s where coding school entered the picture.


What was the main thing that attracted you to JRS?

As I was doing research on coding schools, I read about the highly-qualified instructors at JRS. Tom Wilson (the director and head instructor of JRS Coding School) has so much experience in software development and teaching coding. I realized that JRS instructors are well-respected in the industry when it comes to teaching code.  I reached out to Tom and the school and asked if I could take the class online, and luckily they said yes.


Why was distance learning a good option for you?

I wasn’t prepared to relocate to Charleston, but knew I would get the experience I wanted at JRS Coding School.  When the school agreed to allow me to attend the classes remotely, it was the perfect solution!


What was needed for you to set-up remotely?

Since I was the first student to go through the class from a remote location, I worked closely with Tom and his team to create the right set-up for optimal learning.  I needed two screens – one for me to code on and one for me to follow along with the instructor.  We used Slack as a communication channel so I could ask questions in real-time and receive links and snippets of code.  High-speed internet was a must so that I could keep up with the fast pace.  Once I got everything set-up, things worked seamlessly and I truly felt like I was a part of the class, even though I wasn’t physically in the same room with the other students.


What was unique about the instructors?

The JRS instructors keep their eyes on what’s new and current in the industry. They stay on the leading edge of technology and help us apply new technologies and techniques in the classroom. They explain why they’re teaching a certain topic and why it is important to the learning process.


How has the course prepared you for a job in coding?

The language that JRS teaches is JavaScript, which is very flexible and easy to learn. You can use for anything from programming a refrigerator to programming a multi-million dollar computer application. Everything taught at JRS Coding School serves a purpose in the bigger picture. They want their students to see why the information they are learning now will benefit them as they transition into a job.  One of the best things about the class is that the school focuses on teaching how to build and launch applications that can be used in the real-world.


Tips from Brett

If you’re thinking about going through coding school remotely, here are a few tips from Brett:

  • Set-up dual computer screens.
  • Ensure you have high-speed internet; this is a must!
  • Use Slack for real-time communication and collaboration.
  • Be patient; learning can be overwhelming when you first start, but once you get into the mindset you really learn a lot and things get easier.
  • Participate in the class even though you aren’t physically in the classroom. Ask questions, provide input, etc.
  • Voice your concerns; Tom and the instructors are willing to work with every student one-on-one and help if you’re behind on something.


Brett has had a very positive experience going through JRS Coding School as a remote student. The instructors made it work for him, and his experience was very enjoyable.


If you’re interested in learning more about a career in software development or how we can bring JRS Coding School to you online, contact us at for more information.